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Catholic Comedian Promotes ‘New Evangelization’

Catholic Comedian Promotes ‘New Evangelization’

SAN DIEGO - Some people seem to think that taking their faith seriously and having a sense of humor about life are mutually exclusive. ...
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From Printed Page to Air Waves (Photo/Denis Grasska)

From Printed Page to Air Waves

Contributors to the senior supplement that appeared in the June issue of The Southern Cross appeared on the diocesan radio show “Setting Things Right,” June 18, co-hosted by Kent Peters, Linda Arreola and Deacon Jim Walsh on KCEO 1000AM Weds, 11-noon.
War (CNS photo/Atef Safadi, EPA)


An Israeli takes pictures with his mobile phone as a missile launched from the Gaza Strip is intercepted by an Israeli defense system July 10.
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Monkey Business

Monkey Business

Caesar, voiced by Andy Serkis, is not so little in this scene from "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes." Rated PG-13.

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