‘Unto You is Born This Day’

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The Southern Cross invited students from St. Charles and Our Lady of Grace schools to explore the theme of “Our Family Christmas” through drawing.

Their brightly colored creations captured moms and dads, siblings and dogs around Christmas trees, gift-wrapped presents, large turkeys, cookies and tacos. Many highlighted their faith with a simple cross.

A few reflected current concerns. One showed a laptop screen with a Zoom call. Another featured the messages for “Doctors and nurses,” and for “Peace and unity for all Christians and Muslims” surrounding a Nativity scene.

Edith Dominguez, a fifth-grader at St. Charles School, drew this featured image of the Blessed Mother, St. Joseph and an inquisitive bovine adoring the newborn Christ Child.

The news publication thanks all of the students who participated, particularly their teachers and principals, Sylvia Benning and Erin Mares, of St. Charles and Our Lady of Grace schools, respectively.

Merry Christmas!

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