San Diego Bishop postpones car caravan to Jan. 30

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SAN DIEGO — Bishop Robert McElroy issued the following statement Jan. 14 regarding the car caravan planned for the 2021 San Diego Walk for LIfe:

“With deepest regret we must postpone the car caravan for the March for Life celebration until Jan. 30 at 1 p.m. Given the violence in Pacific Beach last weekend, I spoke directly with the San Diego Police Department and asked if they could provide assurance that the caravan could proceed on its route circling the County Administration Center without complicating efforts to maintain peace there in light of the political demonstrations planned in front of the Center for this Saturday.   The police department felt that it could not provide such an assurance, and thus out of concern for the caravan participants and a desire not to make the job of our police any harder in these troubling days, I feel we must postpone the event.

“I am so grateful for the tremendous work that the planning committee has done in expanding our Walk for Life celebrations this year to include webinars, a concert, and three Masses throughout San Diego County, so that even amidst the pandemic we can witness powerfully to the moral and legal rights of unborn children and the suffering of pregnant women in our midst.”


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