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Vatican to release action plan

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SAN DIEGO — The Vatican plans to mark the sixth anniversary of the release of Pope Francis’ hallmark encyclical “Laudato Si” in May with an announcement of an action plan to help bring its vision to life.

On May 24, 2015, Pope Francis presented the sweeping document directed at “every living person on this planet.” He used scientific research, supported by the language of faith, to argue for immediate and decisive action to protect the environment and the people most hurt when it’s degraded, the poor.

At the San Diego Catholic Diocese, a ministry subsequently formed to help parishes to develop “Creation Care Teams” to tackle environmental problems. The ministry, headed by Father Emmet Farrell, held the 2021 Earth Week Mass on April 17 at St. James Parish in Solana Beach.

“Pope Francis talks about the stunning beauty of creation,” said Bishop Robert McElroy, who celebrated the Mass. “It’s our responsibility, as a society and as individuals, to safeguard that awesome creation.”

The bishop noted that Pope Francis called for an “ecological conversion,” changing the way a person acts to protect all of creation.

“Science tells us that we have the capacity to reverse the destructive trends in our world. And our faith tells us that we must be converted. We will find a way to bring God’s plan into our hearts.”

Contact Father Emmet Farrell at efarrell@sdcatholic.org for information about Creation Care Teams.







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