Thousands participate in diocesan dialogues


DISCUSSION: Catholics at parishes and schools throughout the diocese participated in synod dialogues in October and early November. A report on the findings is expected to be released in 2024. (Credit: Courtesy Good Shepherd Parish)

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SAN DIEGO — Thousands of faithful at schools and parishes participated in synod dialogues across the Diocese of San Diego in October and early November. They shared their experiences with the Eucharist and ideas on how to build Eucharistic communities.

The schools and parishes submitted the information they collected at the dialogues to the diocese, which will spend the next two months analyzing it, assisted by two professors from the University of San Diego. Cardinal Robert W. McElroy plans to share the findings with the community in early 2024.

Pope Francis launched the global synod in the fall of 2021, calling on all faithful to participate. The goal is to encourage a Church culture of listening and participation, where all members of the community discern a path forward together.

Since then, the diocese has invited the faithful to participate in three synodal sessions. Parishes and schools held small-group sessions in the spring of 2022, the community took an online survey at the end of that year, and this fall was invited to dialogues centered on the Eucharist.

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